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I don't particularly go by any online nickname anymore so call me however you'd like!

I started watching drama with Coffee Prince and One Well-Raised Daughter back in maybe 2014-2015? I stopped watching dramas until about 2018 I have alot of things I want to  watch but should focus on finishing what I started first (also my memory isn't that good) [on-hold is for variety/reality shows]

My Favorite tropes&genres: Comedy, Bromance, Romance, Character-Redemption, Strong FL, Cold ML, Sickly ML, Pitiful Villain

My Least favorite tropes&genres: Historical, Military, Harem, Repeated use of a flashback, Excessive Jealousy, Silly Editing, Terrible Parents/In-Laws, Repeating scenes from different angles

I also got into kpop music with BBoom BBoom and DNA in 2018, doing my best to be able to recognize member's faces/names from groups I like 

Monsta X membersfavorite kpop groups: Monsta X | iKON | BTS | Super Junior | GOT7 | Shinhwa | ONEUS | Seventeen | WINNER

favorite soloists: Seungri | ZICO | BewhY | Kim Dong Han | Jackson Wang | Agust D | GRAY | Yoon Jong Shin


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