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blacksuits supportsDohwa

captivated by Lee Do Hwa

blacksuits supportsDohwa

captivated by Lee Do Hwa
Variety/reality shows
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occasionally watching an episode or two of some of thesenot on MDL's database:Monstrous Date (ft. Lee Yong Jin and Lee Jin Ho) - Episodes…

With brother
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Dramas I've watched with, am currently watching with or plan on watching with my older brother. (will refer to him as 'J')Typically…

Favorite idols
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there's a few musicians that aren't really idols but I'm a fan so I included them.I don't dislike girl groups, I just prefer…

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I have a bad habit of indiscriminately stopping a show usually when I'm near the end of it, not because I disliked it or was bored of it,…

Favorite actors
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not watching every work they're in, but enjoyed them in what I did watch