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in my room watching dramas


in my room watching dramas

hi there ^^ i'm nara (26) from spain. i've been a fan of asian dramas since 2012 and a big korean culture enthusiast. 

asian dramas are my safe/comfy place since forever

always willing to make new friends to talk about anything, so if u want to talk and fangirl with an awkward penguin like me, feel free to send me a message, i'd loved to >.<

my 12 fave dramas of all time 

it's okay that's love
bad buddy 
the untamed
the gifted
ml: scarlet heart ryeo
i told sunset about you
true beauty
hospital playlist s1/s2
coffee prince
f4 thailand (or any version)
romantic doctor s1/s2
itaewon class

☽ 1st asian drama ever: hi my sweetheart 
(in 2011 before being interested in dramas)
☽ 1st japanese drama: hana yori dango 

(the beginning of it all in 2012)
☽ 1st korean drama: love rain
☽ 1st thai drama: 2moons
☽ 1st variety show: exo's showtime / running man

some of my fave actors/actresses:

 iu  |   kyungsoo  |  gong yoo  |   ohmnanon  |   jung kyung ho 
  cha eunwoo  |   bright vachirawit  |   lee sungkyung  

 stay safe and healthy    



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