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Hyee hye ! Welcome to my profile :))

   [Lol, It says describe yourself in a sentence or two, but here I am typing a whole page :P]

♡ Lemme Introduce Myself ⬎

The MOST ADORABLE SMILE AWARD goes to uri Class president, Sangyeon Shi!!

- Just a normal girl who loves beaming at the screen watching dramas ^^ 

- Extreme Mood Watcher

Presenting you, The Duality King! The maknae who is sometimes the only sane one!

- My Ratings system - I usually don't rate any drama/movie below 5. Even if it's so bad I don't rate below 5. I rate the dramas based on my satisfaction. There is no specific rating system that I follow so don't always trust my ratings lol 

- The song I'm currently obssessed with

B.I - BTBT ♫

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52 Week Drama Challenge 2022 

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My pintrest account [messed up boards] ~ DeobiMars' Pintrest

I accept friend requests if we have interacted anywhere or have similar tastes ^^

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