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On the same Earth; Under the same sky;


On the same Earth; Under the same sky;

Welcome, fellodrama lovers

*A summary of my interests in dramaland*

*Watching dramas for more than 10 years*

Mastering the art of dropping

The moment I feel I no longer enjoy a show I drop it.
It was hard to learn this, but now I'm quick to drop and still feel at ease.
Let it go, not worth it, life is short.


If I can remember a show by watching it once after a couple of years, at least some of its scenes with the positive feelings that I had, it means I really liked it. My 10s and 9s all have this in common.


I like fantasy, sci-fi, crime, and thriller. I also like romance but something with a unique story. That doesn't mean I don't like happy endings but what I like about the ending is how the change is shown in the characters' eyes.

Actors and filmmakers:

I won't' like a drama just for my favorite actors. It's about the performance of the show. I like mature relationships between the leads following a good story. I would prefer something balanced.

Things I am not too fond of:

  • Misogyny is not tolerated—in any form.
  • Love triangles. Even though most of the dramas you find here have some level of triangles, I hate them all. Because they have a strong focus, and we know who ends up with who. I've seen just a few that by having good stories, didn't need unrealistic love triangles. That's why my drop rate is enormous. 
  • Always justified leads. I am not a fan of when the actions of the main leads are always justified no matter what they do. I want the leads to atone for their wrongdoings to anyone, not just other leads. Not how everything they do is forgotten without them showing any form of remorse. I don't like the obvious distinction between good and bad.
  • Long shows without actual content.
  • Destructive Famous shows. Shows that are famous, because of actors, that contain incorrect ideas and are not rich, and only a few notice that, make me dislike them even more since they can affect more audience.
  • Fluffy cute romances. I am not a fan of cute romances. I always liked serious relationships. But I may be more tolerant with this based on context.

My interests:

I love new ideas. I like to watch something with a brand new story, like Mystic Pop-Up Bar, My Mister, or Memories of the Alhambra. The main story of most dramas you find here is based on a core, having minor changes compared to others. If we don't ask for new ideas, we won't get any.

I watch dramas for entertainment, that's all, but I'm not satisfied with everything either.️

And I'm always looking.


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