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Hello! ^^

This is Roxyna's hideout~

I like asian countries, cultures, history, food and traditions.
I'm interested in languages, cinema, music, Tv series, books, sports.
Since 2014 I watch dramas, dorama, lakorn, I know that they're completely different from the reality but they're like a window into another world, that makes us dream and have a break from the tiring real life. 


A world that makes your heart melt, flutter, cry, and feel warm! 

They can express delicate concepts and themes as only they can do. Don't you get what I mean? Just think about how you feel at the end of a drama you particularly liked, here is it, that feeling and those unique emotions are the answer to the question. 

Everytime I feel sad or after a boring day there's nothing better than watching a drama or a lakorn. I'm so happy to share this fantastic passion with other people all over the world!



Soo: "Doctor... I did this. So, I'm counting on you."
Jung Shi Hyun aka Doctor's Son: "Soo... Those streets... Let's swallow them up!"

✎ Heartless  City~

"This is all I need. They say that a pen is stronger than a sword.
It doubles as a weapon and it's certainly a very useful too in changing this world." - Seo Hwi Young

 "There was nothing we could do. Pur youth was the only thing we could give.
That's why many youths perished like that, but we won." - 
Yoo Jin Oh


✎ Chicago Typewriter~

 "You don’t make sense no matter how many times I redo the calculations. No function can solve you. So you are really a bug. You are messing up my head, my life and my everything. But I… don’t want to kill that bug, I want it to stay in my head. What should I do about this?" - Je Su Ho (Tiger)

✎ Lucky Romance~


"Why should be afraid of a dead person? The living are scarier." -Kong Sil

✎ The Master's Sun~

"The "you" that you hate... is the "you" that I love."- Kyohei

✎  Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge~


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