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somewhere watching the stars shine bright


somewhere watching the stars shine bright

She has the moon in her mind, that's why stars spill off her lips.

Camille. -s.p

In November of 2016, while scrolling through tumblr I came across a GIF-set for a show that would soon lead me into a world that I have never known. A couple of days later while searching for something to watch on Netflix I came across the show at hand again. This show was no other that Hello! My Twenties (Age of Youth). While watching the show I had two defining moments: One being that this show was speaking to me in ways that no other show or movies has ever done and that it was providing me with a guide that no one else has done in my twenties and secondly, for the first time in my life I am watching a show that is not in English (which was a fact that I didn't even realized until I was a couple episodes in). The language barrier did not stop me from watching the show and finding many others like it. Over the pass few years, these dramas have led me into K-Pop and other Asian dramas that would soon become a safe haven and an outlet for creativity for me.   These dramas, movies, and variety shows have helped bring light into my darkest moments and have become an  great help to me. I'm so excited for what this next decade would bring in this lovely world of drams and movies. I'm also ready to use my love in ways that could help me move further in life as well as a helpful guide into breaking the language barriers. 


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