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welcome to my profile 

I'm a kdrama addict & I've spend many sleepless nights just watching kdramas.I'm more into korean dramas but I do watch stuffs from Japan, China & Taiwan too. 

I've watched Asian movies while I was a kid but it was after watching the korean movie A Millionaire's First Love  that I started to watch korean dramas . So I've been watching korean dramas since MARCH 2016 & my first korean drama was School 2015

First Japanese drama - Itazura Na Kiss-Love in Tokyo

First Chinese drama - Eternal Love

First Taiwanese drama -Attention, Love!

I do watch ongoing drama as  they air but I prefer marathoning  drama . I am quite impatient & I  feel waiting each week for an episode is too excruciating .My taste in kdramas is sometimes quite strange. I have ended up disliking dramas which are quite popular.I've a very bad habit of not being able to drop dramas once I start watching it (no matter how boring the drama is or how much I hate it. I'll complete the drama by self editing & skipping through most of the scenes. I'm trying to fix this habit

these 3 dramas are my all time fav dramas - 


Kill Me, Heal Me

Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo 

& you can find most of my fav dramas in this list Fav K-Dramas

I rate dramas & movies acc to the following rules

10  -> I think it's a MASTERPIECE with a great plot & cast. It made me feel so many things.

9-9.5  -> It's GREAT & I really, really loved it but a little less than the ones I rated 10

8-8.5  ->  It's quite GOOD & I had a great time watching it.

6-7.5  ->  could have been much better & it bored me at times . I probably skipped through most of the scenes just for the sake of completing the drama.

1-5  ->  why  did  I  even  watch  this  ?


yup , I stan these 9 LEGENDS. I love their music & they've given me immense happiness & joy when I needed it the most.

 you can't choose just one of them as your only bias when all of them are so good & talented



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