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the magical school bus ༼つಠ益ಠ༽つ ─=≡ΣO))


the magical school bus ༼つಠ益ಠ༽つ ─=≡ΣO))

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coffee prince 
му ƒανσяιтє к∂яαмα:
Angry Mom

му ƒιяѕт кмσνιє:
Secretly, Greatly
му ƒιяѕт тнαι ∂яαмα:
Leh Ratree
му ƒανσяιтє тнαι ∂яαмα: Sotus The Series
му ƒιяѕт ¢мσνιє:
On Smile is Very Alluring

Introduction: my names abygail and i'm a veteran when it comes to kmusic and dramas, I'm currently enrolled in medical school where I'm studying CNA . I'm very picky when it comes to TV especially when its the same plot over and over again.

Favorite Ships:

♥ cha do hyun and oh ri jin ♥

♥ jo bang wool & go bok dong ♥
♥ phun and noh ♥

♥ xia yao and yuan zong ♥

♥ choi kang joo & na doo rim ♥

♥ bei wei wei and xiao nai ♥

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