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The owner of this lovely list can be found curled up watching dramas, painting or sketching, playing Dota 2, laying around like a potato, eating enough food for a family of 4, and hibernating. o(*^▽^*)o


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My Ratings:
10 - So many feels. All of the feels. A quality drama that did everything right from script, to acting, to cinematography....or just one that had me obsessed. This rating is a rare one. 

9.5 - A amazing watch that I enjoyed more than usual and would rewatch in a heartbeat. I may or may not have had a drama hangover with this one.

9.0 -  Pretty darn amazing and probably one that I'd recommend wholeheartedly. It was only missing one little thing. 

8.5 - Better than average. It was a good and enjoyable watch.  

8.0 - It was an average watch. The enjoyment level was pretty good, but it wasn't anything special.  

7.5 - I managed to power through and probably skimmed some parts of episodes. That said, I probably had some level of interest in it.  

7.0 - I might have skimmed multiple episodes. There were both good and bad parts. 

6.5 - Would not recommend. I probably skipped entire episodes altogether.  

6.0 - Gosh, I have regrets. Only some small parts were enjoyable. 

5.5 - This was a mess, honestly. Really below average. 

5.0 to 1.0 - I'm condensing this section to a scale from terrible to absolutely unwatchable. I don't think I would rate anything lower than a 3 though, because I probably would've dropped it by then.

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