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Best Get Going
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Sep 27, 2015
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Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
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I will take the honor of writing the first review for this drama (and my first ever! :D). So I picked this up because of Zhao Li Ying, love her since Boss & Me and have watched a lot of her other dramas since then. I just like her acting style a lot which is very naturalistic as if she is the character herself, in here it's the same. In the end I enjoyed watching this drama for what it was and not just for Zhao Li Ying. The story is about a group of graduating college students who struggle to look for jobs and they finally did so by being interns at a big company. Thus they begin their lives as interns working very hard to complete the tasks given to them in the trial period, and it's not an easy path. The situations were dramatic, sometimes really over the top and at times they were funny, in no way do I think they are realistic well since this is a fictional work, but it makes the point that it's not easy working in a job as the youth of this generation. The parents especially, are shown how much they care for their kids and would do anything for them. Though they can cross over the line, ultimately it's because they are doing it for their kids.

There were characters that were annoying and did questionable things, what looked like the antagonists weren't really antagonists because no one in this drama was really a "bad" person. They are just shown as human beings. The characters developed and changed for the better. There were a lot of really heartwarming moments and heartbreaking ones as well, a lot of heart in this drama. There were scenes and dialogues that were quite inspiring. I would say that if you are watching this for the romance then you better not stay for it because the romance wasn't the main focus, but character growth among the casts. And the cast did a great job playing the characters.

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