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*MDL* 24/7 ^_^


*MDL* 24/7 ^_^




  Welcome to my profile ^_^ iam etsh  (if anyone is wondering I can’t find a nickname to my real        name so let’s go with the first letter of it T_T)

 , there is not much to tell

I was born in winter 1994, my favorite season..I finish collage 2016 (Engineering T_T)  and iam jobless right now

, all I do is watching dramas, eating and sleeping.. .......

Yeah, iam gonna lose my mind so soon…..  

This is me most of the time last couple of months



  •   crazy facts about me :

  • I  am the kind of people who leave bad and misleading first impression, first they say iam very quiet ,kind and shy person …then they got to know me iam not quite at all not even close…when we become friends they gonna figure out iam a loyal person but i am freaking so stubborn ,that u shouldn’t pick fights with me ,the real me is the total opposite of my first impression....

  • some times I try to change that so I be all funny and smiling than being quite ,and I ended up as the silly crazy person xD

    I never ever start conversation with anyone specially in social media ..i really want to but I just can’t start, so feel free to talk to me (iam not a scary person I swear)


    Iam a drama addicted as anyone can see, my first drama was jewelry in the palaceI was at 4th or 5th grade can’t really remember but I love it a lot I still remember how excited I was back then.
    My second was sad love story ,winter sonata I was at 8th grade they were airing on tv every one was watching them  
    But I become addicted at the end of 2013 with boys over flowers it was silly but it was so sweet, and I had the lee min ho phase iam out of my crush over him now but he was the reason I start watching daily…
  • my first Thailand drama was hormones ,October 2016 I was looking for school drama and I found this one,,, it was my first time watch non Korean drama and I like it ,,,,,,my fav couple phai &spirte
  • my first Chinese drama love o2o ,January 2017 and I couldn't stop watching Chinese dramas after that ..and now iam in love with Wang Kai <3 <3 cant believe I just figure out that this man is exist in the world  <3 <3

  • my first Japanese drama Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu  ,April 2017







      I don't remember my life before starting dramas but there is two things


      iam a big big fan of harry potter [our world really need magic in it ]


      my favorite character Fred and George ...yeah ,who doesn't love trouble makers


     I spend years watching and reading It , no matter how many times I still love it the same








      I used to draw , had a lot of fun doing that favorite anime characters Yu Gi Oh & Pokémon


      I had a lot of pencil art for them it was the best thing in the world for me ...I don't remember when


      or how but I just stopped its been over 10 years now since I draw a thing


     I had art school in my head but my idiot nerdy mind  ended up loving maths more ,so I choose


      engineering T_T .. here am I baying for it T_T





  my all time favorite dramas









Signal one and only 10 



The princess man <3 <3....  moon chae the best female character ever



cruel  city ... kyung ho oppa


 for more of my fav here









                  My Favorite Drama Couples                       







                              Drama Quotes

*Everyone spends their youth years…it’s a time more beautiful
…because we are immature, and a time that sparkles brightly … we are not afraid because we have nothing to lose…and our hearts flutter because we can have anything …

Dear youth who are living the present , you are awesome*   [ weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo ]

*my life was always backstage ...there are people like you who are always on the stage floor,,,,but there are people who are always backstage like me*                   [ Queen of The Ring ]

“You can never know what life holds in front of you and life never goes your way. So hold on there no matter what happens.”                           [ Father is Strange ]

''Running away is a shame ,but it is helpful ''                    [ Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu ]

''you had the courage to take the first steps in order to move forward .Even if they were tiny steps...without those steps, miracles won't happen''                  [ Asuko March! ]

''Half scared ,half excited. That's what they say love is ''              [My Secret Romance]

''Love and Dreams are miraculous. They don't need to be heard, to be said, or translated''

                                                                                                        [ Hear Me ]

''this will all pass . this may look like something big . when things pass , they are nothing. you won't believe it, but you will talk about things as if they 're some jokes. so tell myself to not worry about things too much. i'll make difficult choices ,and it will be hard for me. after a year, a morning like today 's will come too. trust those days and survive''                                            [While You Were Sleeping]

                           my pocket list in 2017

          *get a job                 *save money                     *lose weight  

      *make good memories

*be happy (I wanna have that moment that I am gonna stop and say yes that's the happiest moment in my entire life )

  * finish a lot a lot of dramas ^_^


                   52 Week Drama Challenge 2017



                   1.Jealousy Incarnate(136)_ 8/10

                  2.Love O2O (137)_9/10 [my first Chinese drama]         

                  3.Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (138)_8.5/10 

                  4.Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (139)_8.5/10

                  *Master Kim's First Love (SP)_9/10

                  5.Boss & Me (140)_7/10

                  6.Goblin (141)_9.5/10

                  7.Ode To Joy (142)_9/10

                  8.When a Snail Falls in Love (143)_8/10

                  9.Legend of the Blue Sea (144)_7.5/10


                 10.Nirvana in Fire (145) _9.5/10                             1.Courageous Love_7.5/10

                 11.Battle of Changsha (146) _9.5/10

                 12.Stay With Me (147)_8.5/10

    March :

                13.Eternal love (148)_8.5/10                                  2.Youth Never Returns_8/10

                14.Queen of The Ring (149)_8.5/10                      3.One Smile is very Alluring_8.5/10

                15.Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me (150)_7/10

    April :

                16.Love Me If You Dare (151)_7/10                                           4.Kimi ni Todoke_1.5/10

                17.Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (152)_6.5/10           5.Orange_8.5/10

                18.Asuko March! (153)_8/10                                                         6.Blue Spring Ride _8.5/10

                19.Rich Man, Poor Woman (154)_8.5/10                                7.Say I Love you_7.5/10

                20.Dear Sister (155)_9/10                                                      8.L♥DK_8.5/10

                21.My Sunshine (156)_8/10                                                   9.Wolf Girl and Black Prince_8/10

                22.My Amazing Boyfriend (157)_8/10                                 10.Catch me _8/10

                23.7 First Kisses (158)_7.5/10

    May :

               24.Piece (159)_8.5/10                                                                   11.Our Times _8.5/10

               25.Orange Days (160)_8.5/10                                                   12.First Time_9/10

               26.Good Morning Call (161)_6.5/10                                      13.Heavenly Forest _9/10

               27.Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (162)_8/10                   14.Sunny _9/10

               28.Tunnel (163)_9.5/10                                                                   15.Hear Me _9/10

                                                                                                                                       16.Present Perfect  _8.5/10

                                                                                                                                       17.Waiting in the Dark _7.5/10

                                                                                                                                        18.Love _8.5/10

                                                                                                                                        19.Cafe.Waiting.Love _8/10

                                                                                                                                        20.Elegant Lies _9/10

                                                                                                                                       21.Twinsters _9/10



             *the happy loner (SP)_9/10                                                    22.You Are My Sunshine_8/10

             29.What's Up With These Kids (164)_6.5/10             23.Fall In Love Like A Star_8.5/10

             30.Ode to joy 2 (165)_9/10                                                   24.Love You You _8.5/10

                                                                                                                              25.Our Little Sister _8.5/10

                                                                                                                              26.Never Gone _8.5/10

                                                                                                                              27.Girls _9/10


            31.The Guardians (166)_9.5/10                                                                  28.Let's Get Married _8.5/10

            32.Rush to the Dead Summer (167)_8/10                                            29.An Actor is an Actor _6.5/10

            33.I Love My President Though He's A Psycho (168)_6.5/10

            34.Sweet Stranger and Me (169)_7.5/10

            35.Hit The Top (170)_8.5/10

            36.A Daughter Just Like You (171)_8.5/10


            37.Fight Your Way (172)_7.5/10.                                30.One Day _8.5/10

            38.Father is Strange (173)_9.5/10.                            31.Hot Young Blood _8/10


            39.Circle (174) _8.5/10                                                      32.Once Upon a Time _8.5/10


            40.Strongest Deliveryman (175)_8.5/10                33.Beyond the Memories_8.5/103

            41.Criminal Minds (176)_8/10                                     34.A Moment to Remember_9.5/10

            42. Age of Youth 2 (177)_8.5/10                                35.My Rainy Days _8.5/10

                                                                                                                       36.Love For Beginners_8/10

                                                                                                                       37.My Old Classmate_8/10


          43.Seventeen (178)_8.5/10                                               38.Hot Road_7/10

           44.While You Were Sleeping(179)_8.5/10

          45.Le Jun Kai(180)_7/10

          46.Because This Is My First Life(181)_7.5/10


         47.Mad Dog(182)_8.5/10                                                    39. Never Said Goodbye_10/10

        48.School 2017(183)_7/10                                                 40.Lost and Love_9/10



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