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~Welcome to my humble abode~

I'm just your average drama-loving person, who enjoys most types of genres. It all began with You're Beautiful in 2015, and after that I was completely hooked for life. Or well, maybe I'll get out of the addiction when I'm 70 years old with my grandchildren... Nah, I'll probably watch dramas together with them then.

You can see for yourself what my favorite dramas are in that lil' list right there, but Beautiful Mind, Splash Splash Love and Mirror of the Witch are three dramas that have a special place in my heart. 

Other than dramas, I enjoy watching livestreams or playing games on my freetime. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Crypt of the Necrodancer are two of my obsessions in that spectrum. 

You can find me in the Soompi forums (@juliacaesar) or in the Viki chat on Viber. Feel free to tag me in anything in the forums on Soompi, I'm open for any kind of discussion^^

"It isn't only the unhappy things that come unexpectedly"
- Beautiful Mind

"To draw is to tell yearning. If you yearn for someone, their image keeps drifting around in your mind, leading you to draw that person. So, yearning turns into a picture. Looking at the painting of the person leads you to yearn for the forgotten person again. And so, the picture turns into yearning"
- Painter of the Wind




(this man is too dangerous for one's eyes to exist)


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