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I always hoped to bring my children up with open minds, good hearts and the ability to embrace new ideas. My daughter,  Zalcu, has shown me that although my role was to teach my children, they too have lessons to give. Zalcu, you make my life better every day just by challenging me, listening to me and working with me. Thank you for allowing me to stay part of your life.

About me...

My daughter loves K Pop. I found this out after about 5 years of her listening to it. I had no idea whatsoever. She thought it might be a good idea to let me know by persuading me to listen to SHINee's "Hello". I  didn't mind it, but it only made a  slight impression when I look back on the incident. How, you ask, did that get me watching dramas? It didn't but it placed a foundation for her to work on. 

For her second attempt she came to me with a new group... EXO. Watching their video, "Mama", I  was captivated by the whole sound, feel and the visual effects. A new K Pop fan was created.  From there I moved back again to SHINee, who became my favourite group. I spent hours watching K Pop online and nowadays it is all I listen to. The path to being a drama addict was now closer if only I had realised it then.

Her next plan was to get me to watch SHINee's "Hello Baby"... Initially I thought that I would never be able to read the subtitles quickly enough and, as I expected, I struggled.  Days later (and a few complaints about not being able to read AND watch what was going on) I got the hang of it. My reading of subtitles lesson was completed, and, in time, so was the TV series.

Oh boy....In life there is a moment when you know things will never be the same again. Not realising what I was doing one day I told my daughter I was bored, saw the gleam in her eyes as she suggested watching "You're Beautiful". Naturally I agreed and found myself caught up in the story. After that it was game over. My days of reading books were finished with (I still watch anime and read manga occasionally though) and I am now a total K Pop and drama addict. Thanks Zalcu, you are the best! 

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