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My daughter, Zalcu, is amazing. She makes my life better every day just by challenging me, listening to me and working with me. Thank you for allowing me to stay part of your life, you are the best!

I am very proud to have Earthling as a friend here. We may be far apart in miles but we still manage to enjoy the experience of watching dramas together with Zalcu in spite of the distance.

Dramaman is my long suffering husband. He puts up with the constant discussions between Zalcu and myself about our drama nights. Jackie Chan brought him here!

Kouyou, who is also a long suffering husband in his own way, likes Kamen Rider. He, Earth, Zalcu and I are all watching Kamen Rider Fourze together.

I was introduced to K Pop by Zalcu and have many favourite groups, SHINee being one of them. Watching SHINee's "Hello Baby" taught me to read subtitles, after a bit of a struggle, and led on to watching dramas.

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