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Seattle, WA


Seattle, WA

YouTube: Kain Subs
Dailymotion: kain-guru
Wordpress: Crescent Moon Blog
Wattpad: @KainGuru

I'm a native English speaker from Seattle, USA.

I proofread for Crescent Moon Blog and also translate and subtitle videos. Check out my dailymotion or youtube accounts.

Likes: BL, yaoi, anime, any good drama really, Final Fantasy XIV

Dislikes: Semes with uncontrolled possessiveness, extreme jealousy, and/or violence and terrible BL endings where people die (so stupid).

My absolute favorite is the sweet Thai actor, Gun Atthaphan. Here are some more of my favorites:

Bank Thiti
Ohm Pawat
Bank ThitiOhm Pawat and Toey Sittiwat
Off and GunKrist and Singto
Gun Atthaphan and Off TumcialKrist Perawat and Singto Prachaya
Kong Korn and Huang LigeJohnny Huang and Timmy Weizhou
Kong Korn and Huang LigeJohnny Huang and Timmy Xu


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