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- 2017 dramas/movies ptw
17 0

Titles that left the list (bc already watched) :- Missing Nine- Chief Kim- Tomorrow With You- Man To Man- The Emperor: Master Of The Mask- My…

- 2017 dramas finished
16 0

- My Girl (rewatched)

How To Name a Drama So I wouldn't Want To Watch It
21 0

Doesn't mean that I didn't watch them though. If I like the synopsis or something else in the drama and I'll just ignore the title…

Favorite Dramas
32 0

Latest at the top.

- Quick List
13 0

Want to watch asap. in case I really don't know what to watch. Mostly Movies. But also dramas that stayed way too long on ptw list/has been…

- Waiting for eng sub TT TT
2 0

either for someone to start subbing the drama/movie, for someone to continue subbing or just waiting till the drama has been full subbed for…

- Interesting Actors
21 0

Actors that caught my attention, but weren't seen in multiple roles yet. Actors I'd like to keep track on.

- Worst scored
10 0

Dramas&Movies I hate everything about but also dramas that started good bt then went down hill -_-

- 2015 Dramas watched
40 0

Dramas completed in 2015

[PTW] Mystery, Crime, Suspense, Political, Investig.
16 0

Dramas plan to watch that has the gernres aboth. could also be with romance. A group fights for justice etc...