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new zealand


new zealand
Before i got my computer i was into manga a lot.. because i got bored of reading i went to watching anime.. i watched a lot of animes already typically those romantic comedy ones and some action sometimes to relived my childhood memories when i was still in the philippines.. around the middle of 2010 my friend gave me a computer and thats when kinda a little bit got bored with anime and manga.. so like i said of me wanting to relived my childhood memories i started watching METEOR GARDEN a taiwanese drama that was showed in philz.. because i was a big fan of F4 especially VANNESS WU thats why my taiwanese drama fanatic began.. November in 2010 i accidentally clicked on YAMATO NADESHIKO SHICHI HENGE or also called WALL FLOWER .. i thought it was an anime but it turned out to be JDRAMA an thats the start of me being an all time JDRAMA ADDICT.. from that drama i got to know KAMENASHI KAZUYA and KAT-TUN.. and from just JDRAMA it expanded into JPOP especially Johnnys entertainment groups i was to devoted into JDRAMA that i didnt want to watch anything else with different language cause i find it to weird but one day when i went back to philippines in 2011 i noticed something really really big.. i noticed that pinoys in philz are so into Korean.. they dubbed korean drama into tagalog and in the music charts their was a lot of Kpop in ranking.. this was the first step of me getting sucked in Korean entertainment world.. first was watching KDRAMA dubbed into tagalog then one day my sister bought pirated cd of KDRAMA like my all time favourite PLAYFUL KISS thats when i met KIM HYUN JOONG but this tym it was subbed so at first i struggled to watched it cuz i was so botherd to listening to another language other than japanese but sooner or later i got used to it and watched MARRY ME MARY and met JANG GUEN SUK.. along the lines i got sucked into KPOP by my korean friend and me liking the OST of the dramas i watch.. one of my all tym favourite KDRAMA is BOYS OVER FLOWERS jihoo is just so cute but on the contrary im STILL A VERY BIG FAN OF JDRAMA THAN KDRAMA..


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