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Little BaoBao

ωιтн му ℓσνιиg fαмιℓу

Little BaoBao

ωιтн му ℓσνιиg fαмιℓу

We are too prone to engrave our trials in marble and our blessings in sand.             C.H. Spurgeon

Christian⚫Animal loverMiddle Child2002Wanting to eat cake⚫

I like kdramas, cdramas, and some jdramas too. I also like playing kpop dating gameswould you rather games, and kiss date marry games, with my sisters.

My favorite kpop groups (in alphabetical order):

Some poor Second Male Lead characters:

If you are a poor SML character,

Like the ones above.

Come into my warm embrace,

And I'll give you some love.

(Weird poem I came up with on the spot) 


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