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i deleted all the people i think can’t act and these are all people who i think are awful. the reasons are either sexual assault, misogyny,…

Favorite Dramas
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if u have any recs based off what my faves are plz let me kno!! i’m literally always looking for something new to watch that can actually…

height difference
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i think height differences are rly cute so im making a list of them

Nice Male Leads!!
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Dramas I've watched where the male lead is nice and isn't mean to the female lead!!

actors i avoid
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literally just ppl who’s acting isn’t for me so i won’t watch there stuff unless it’s really good or someone i like is in it with them.......

second lead syndrome :(
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it doesnt happen often but sometimes i like the second lead more then the first.

films&dramas with the best music
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literally just my favorite drama/film osts... at the top of this list are dramas, bottom are films.

Favorite Movies
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im sensitive and gay so i like all types of films esp darker films, black comedies, indie dramas, thrillers, mysteries, and any type of gay…

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has wlw characters

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instead of having a love triangle these dramas/films should of just had a bi poly couple bc they had the chemistry for it... some of these dont…

trans characters
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movies and dramas that have transgender characters..... some movies/shows on the kist i havent seen so if some are disrespectful please message…

fave writers/directors (5\?): ang lee
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not on MDL: ∆ brokeback mountain ∆ life of pi ∆ sense and sensibility (1995) ∆ hulk {2003) ∆ billy lynn's long halftime walk

why didnt they get together!?
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dramas&films where u ask yourself "why didnt the leads get together". when ur watching something and u think the leads have good…

best couples OTP
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just my fave couples from stuff ive seen. dramas at the top, films at the bottom.

its not gay but it should be
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wow they arent actually gay but they act pretty fuckin gay

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has mlm characters

mini dramas/ web dramas/ drama specials/ short films
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just short dramas... web dramas with like 15 minutes long episodes or drama specials with less then 10 episodes... usually hour long eps. orr…