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Hi! I'm Marianne.  I blog about music, movies, books, but mostly Asian Entertainment here:  


I'm a 20-something  fangirl from the Philippines. <3 i've been a fangirl for a big chunk of my life; other parts include working, eating, and sleeping, LOL. Obviously, I'm more of the stay-at-home kind of person as partying and socializing are not my thing. Heh. I'd love to travel to different places in the future though. I've only been to Hongkong and Taiwan but my 2017 goal is to visit Korea and/or Japan! :) 

This whole thing started since the day I realized that I get too attached to fictional characters easily. I was probably 8-10 years old that time :P Fast forward to 2003 and I was introduced to one of the best things ever— Asian entertainment <3 I remember seeing these cute chinitos on television and wondered who the heck these people are. Ten years after *gasp* I'm still very much in love <3 


F4Jerry, Vanness, Ken, and most especially, Vic will always and forever be my first Asian love. :)  My love for these four is F4ever :3 No matter how many bands come, I will always go back :)  Meteor Garden also introduced me to Barbie Xu who is definitely the prettiest girl in the entire world. For me at least :) She’s my favorite drama actress too. Not long after, I got sucked in by the whole C-Pop and J-pop fandom! No regrets.


My favorite C-pop group is S.H.E. Others would be Fahrenheit and Show Luo, of course :)


I recently discovered Darren Wang, Vivian Sung because of my favorite movie, Our TimesBaron Chen, and Bii too, because of the TwDrama Bromance.


Eventually, J-pop stars came and I was super happy to have discovered KAT-TUN! Ughhhh these boys stole my heart and made me love Japan even more! Even though Taiwanese artists are my first love, Japan is very special to me! It is my dream to go to Japan one day. I love Japanese food, fashion, entertainment, culture. Everything. So don’t be surprised if I talk non-stop about Japan and its awesomeness :3 Six of the best boys ever :) I discovered Arashi before KAT-TUN but I liked KAT-TUN more. Hihi. 


Better late than never, right? Last 2015, I gave in to KPop and KDramas.  FINALLY! Mostly because of Yook Sungjae and Kim SoHyun.  I will forever be bitter because of Who Are You School 2015! LOL.

It's amazing how in a span of a year, a lot of things changed, like my taste in Asian Dramas for example.  I can't believe I'm now binge-watching Korean Dramas like there's no tomorrow! I watch airing dramas, too.  This 2016 is a GREAT year for my KDrama obsession. Reply 1988, Healer, Oh Hae Young Again are my top 3 so far, and to be honest, all of the dramas I watched this year are sooo good.


Special mention to one of my favorite actors now, Ryu Jun Yeol from Reply 1988, Youth Over Flowers in Africa, Lucky Romance, Social Phobia, and Glory Day! Oops, I must've watched all his projects by now ;) Can you believe he's a rookie?  He looks like he's been acting all his life.  Gah, those eyes!

Reply 1988 left the hugest impact on me this year, it totally changed my heart.  I have yet to write a review about it because if I pour out my heart this profile would be way too long already!

I also became a BTOB  fan as well <3 Because I LOVE dramas, animes, and movies! I can’t give you a list of all the dramas I’ve watched (yet) but here’s a summary of my favorite TwDramas, JDramas, and KDramas! :)

Taiwan: Mars, Hana Kimi, It Started with A Kiss, Corner with Love, Bromance and of course, Meteor Garden

China: Love O2O

Japan: Gokusen, Hotaru no Hikari, Orange Days, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Nobuta wo Produce, and Hana Yori Dango, Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai, A Girl and Three Sweethearts, Love Shuffle

Korea: Reply 1988, Oh Hae Young Again, Healer, Age of Youth, Who Are You School 2015, Cheer Up My Sassy Gogo, Reply 1997, Oh My Ghostess!


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