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Hi there!

I just happen to be very passionate about the Korean culture, one of my hobbies is to identify the way it portraits itself in the organization of space, society and language.

I'm very fond of historical dramas as long as they're not trying to fit aspects of the current time in the Joseon era, cause that's utterly nonsensical. I also like dramas that are capable of portraying the day-to-day life of commoners and maturely address important issues, especially involving work life. I also like gratuitous shower scenes (who doesn't?).

I rate dramas/movies based on impersonal criteria just like a teacher would grade you: it doesn't matter if I like you or not, your grade will depend on defined parameters. That being said, a drama that I rated 7 could be one of my favorites just as well as I may not be enthusiastic about a 10, it's just that I couldn't find any noticeable flaw. Just ask me if you want to know how I feel about a drama, I'll gladly answer.

I used to marathon hard but now I have some university stuff to take care of, so... I might take a whole semester to finish a drama. I may or may not marathon like crazy on holidays/vacations.

You can add me if you'd like, I don't bite. I do have claws though.

kbai ~('▽^人)


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