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My Mister korean drama review
My Mister
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by melondrx
May 12, 2018
16 of 16 episodes seen
Completed 4
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0
A picture is worth a thousand words, and they fully expressed that as profoundly as possible. This is my ultimate, most favourite Kdrama of all time. It might not suit everyone's tastes, but it was the first time I cried because a drama ENDED. Finally a drama that is beautiful and breathtaking from start to end.

I guess if you're the type to prefer fluffy, lovey dovey, Kdrama cliche type of dramas, then this won't be for you. My Mister is completely different in terms of the "Kdrama formula."

After watching each episode, it's fulfilling, yet you are (extremely) hungry for more. This drama gave me the biggest comfort whenever I feel down. Ironically, the drama itself, is depressing, gloomy, and melancholy. You know how whenever you feel sad you want to see things like rainbows, and puppies, or eat good food in order to make you feel happier, yet none of that truly comforts you; or sometimes it might even irritate someone even more. My Mister is that person that would sit by your side, cry with you, hug you, and allow you to release your emotions so you truly feel comfort. It's not a stress reliever, it's something that makes you embrace those emotions and let you move on from them.

I've never seen a drama that portrays depression as realistically as My Mister, heck, I've never seen a drama that actually has depressed leads. Between each and every character, there is a special bond that is strong and meaningful. The relationship between PDH and LJA is not family love, nor romance, nor friendship. It's a different form of love that it's hard to wrap the head around, but the best way to describe it is human love. Human emotions, comfort, and acceptance. Personally, my favorite parts are the interactions between Lee Ji An and her grandmother. I cry in every single scene because it's so beautiful.
Honestly, during the painful scenes, you cry. The touching scenes, you cry. The silent scenes, you cry. And the happy ones, you cry. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive when I'm watching this drama... It's painful but heartwarming.

I think many people who don't like this drama probably thinks: the brothers are annoying or the drama is too slow. You can't really fully immerse into the drama unless you learn to appreciate the brothers, and what they symbolize. Although it feels slow paced in the beginning, trust me, 1 hour 20 minutes feel like 30 minutes.

The cinematography is stunning. Just like how many people said, it's like you are watching a movie within each episode. It's stunning in a way that is effective to convey the story and mood, and the beauty of each character. There is not one character I dislike, not even the bad ones, because they are all so compelling.

For anyone who aren't feeling up to expectations, a little disclaimer. Don't dive into the drama expecting to be blown away or be on the edge of your seats the entire time. I watched it week by week, so the drama itself felt like it was very well paced. If you try to binge watch the beginning episodes, it might feel very very slow, eventually losing interest. But the best way to experience the high expectations, is for sure you really need to immerse yourself in small details, and focus on every single aspect in each scene. Sometimes it might even get a bit mentally intensive. As for me, watching it week by week allowed some breaks in between before fully going into analyzing mode. It's kind of like you have to critically analyze every detail in order for the viewer to meet its expectations. If all else fails, then it might just not be your taste and that's all okay :)

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