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Delicious Destiny chinese drama review
Delicious Destiny
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by Hyukfied
Oct 16, 2017
56 of 56 episodes seen
Overall 8.5
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 5.5
This drama was awesome! The cast were great, handsome and beautiful!The story is okay - it was a mess because all characters are related somehow and it really was too much in my opinion. Although, most dramas have all characters with relation to one another. So it's normal I guess. As for the antagonist acted really well to the point that I want to slap her and another family member of hers. There was one plot of a illegitimate child, that story was interesting  - I was quite excited for the part where someone was exposed. hahaha. There's a lot of drama in this show so the main couples are on and  off a couple times due to secrets, threats, and bribery. I do not know why I continued with this drama even though it seems cliche. However, it did kept me wanting more and waiting for the next episodes to air. It was that good. Although towards the end it got a bit draggy and it was weird that one of the antagonists got off the hook and all of a sudden became nice. Overall, it was a nice drama. One of my favorites but I wouldn't re-watch it due to all the dramas between family members and rivals, etc. It's too much.
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