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The Elfin's Golden Castle chinese drama review
The Elfin's Golden Castle
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by Hyukfied
Nov 27, 2018
32 of 32 episodes seen
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Overall 9.0
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
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Recommend to watch!

This web drama has to be one of my top favorite c-dramas of 2018! Its plot is quite deep if you understand the characters. The storyline, the characters, the settings is just really nice. I grew to love all the characters, except for one toxic guy. However, each and every one of the character had major character development especially Qiqi - the main female lead! Her smart and sassy mouth was what kept me watching cause she can be quite hilarious even when she's serious.
One of the aspects that drew me into this drama is that Qiqi has depression which is usually misunderstood by the rude and rebellious behavior. You would think she being rebellious because she's spoiled but in reality she has issues of her own. Qiqi is always alone, she was an orphan but is currently raised by her adopted, rich yet estranged father. You would think she loves to be spoiled because she had everything a girl would want, However, she wasn't happy at all. Loneliness is what she always felt, and it made her very depressed. She didn't trust people because she knows they are temporary thus she didn't have friends. Its because of the lack of parental love from her father, she tries to make a huge noise by always running away from home multiple times or leaves without telling her dad and she tends to act very rude and mean to others.
The drama revolves around Qiqi and how she met her new friends. These friends are the ones she met while running away from home, as usual. In the beginning, she decided to renovated these new friends' bar and house without their permission = basically flaunting her money, etc. You would not like her yet but again her lines are the best in the drama. Within these group of friends came her character development in learning to be friendly, passionate, and finally open up. She found love, she learned to help her friends a lot. Eventually she learned to talk to her dad more and develop a good relationship with him. Of course, not everything went smoothly. It was a bumpy ride.
Enough about the main character. The drama also focused on the main lead/supporting characters' lives as well: the main lead Li Nanyi is a singer of the band. He is a composer; he just had to learn to go after his dream instead of holding on to the past. Another friend is actually really nice to Qiqi whom she opened up to first. There is a couple.. let's just say their relationship was toxic and it was hard to watch the girl keep crying over boy. But of course, there is some development there.
I really recommend this drama, maybe you guys are able to relate to one of the characters, I know I did. It was very touching.
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