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All I Want for Love is You chinese drama review
All I Want for Love is You
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by Hyukfied
Nov 4, 2019
32 of 32 episodes seen
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 6.0
This review may contain spoilers
This is your typical kind of school related cdrama but with a slight twist of wuxia snippets. The main female lead tend to write about a wuxia fantasy world of her crush and herself and those around her. - All in her diary.
The main story does not revolve around this though. Again, its your typical school idol drama - recycling the smart, no.1 male lead Zuo An and a not academically talented female lead, Xiao Man.

Another thing that makes this drama different from others is Xiao Man can defend herself whether it be verbally or physically. However, when it comes to emotions, she gets tossed around a lot and is gullible to the antagonist's antics.
This drama is easy to watch because the main leads knew who they love and fought hard to be together despite some family and friends' disapproval.

I like the character of Zuo An, he likes Xiao Man for who she is despite her being the total opposite of him. He's very chill and reasonable. He definitely puts Xiao Man first despite what everyone else says. However, the actor playing him wasn't strong. He seemed awkward at times.

Xiao Man's character is strong and sometimes she speaks with her emotions instead of being reasonable (which is usually where Zuo An comes in to help.) Although she's not smart academically, she still managed to become one of the smartest of all "smart male, dumb female leads" dramas I've seen so far. The actress Lu Zhao Hua who plays Xiao Man isn't an amazing actress, however, one of the scenes in the final episode really showcase her potential in acting. I was really surprised by her emotions there.

There are some characters that were very irritable; the characters Su An Ning played by Han Xinyu and Shen Chen Yang played by Xie Zhi Xun. I must say Han XIn yu played Su An Ning very well especially during her psychotic moments. Shen Chen Yang and Su An Ning are both irritiable because they wouldn't stop bugging the main leads and wanting to break them apart. Su An Ning is your typical jealous, female friend while Shen Chen Yang is just that annoying, very irritating, non-stop smiling as if he can get his way kind of character. I did not like Shen Chen Yang's character at all despite he has something that I'm able to relate with. However, I had no sympathy for him because he still plays around and uses it to his advantage. At least, Xiao Man wasn't 100% clueless about his antics.

Story starts from high school, college then short and quick adult life.
Recommend to watch if you like this genre, otherwise skip if you're picky about the acting.
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