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Mamamoo trash,    BTSMoo shipper,    Meme creator,    Mini-imagine writer,    Manga reader,    Anime lover,    Half-time dentist,     Full time dreamer,    Married,    Been into K- and J- stuff since 2008,  32 y.o and somewhat awkward around youngsters (I don't bite if you're nice)

Drama preferences -

Likes - Strong calm FL, mature level headed romance, laugh out loud comedy, good storyline, good acting from support cast, light and easy going storylines minus the heaviness

Dislikes - Vamps, evil relatives, tragedy, psychological stuff, bittersweet stuff, unhappy/miserable storyline progression, character bullying, suicide, gaslighting, any kind of abuse, ML who bullies FL, weak crybaby FL

(Additions in progress...)

Currently looking for - Super happy comic dramas an expecting momma can watch

All time favourites - 

Extreme Job, Duelist, Go Back Couple, Goblin, Splash Splash Love, Youkai Sharehouse


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