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Hello! Here are some details about myself, hope you enjoy ^^

I was introduced to kdrama by a friend of mine (they don't watch kdrama anymore though) around July of 2014 and have been watching ever since. I only really watch kdrama and sometimes anime as well. I'm also into kpop but I am more of a multi fan and find it hard to be obsessed with one group. 

My first kdrama was Boys over Flowers followed by City Hunter.

I don't really have a preferred genre but I do tend to like slice of life, romantic comedies as well as those addictive thrillers with a hint of fantasy (basically everything) and historical too! (romance is close to essential though).

As for rating dramas I don't give 10's regularly (I only have three dramas rated 10 so far) so I guess I seem fairly harsh to others. Sometimes I give drama's a 9 but it will still be on the list of my favourites. This is mainly because i try to remain impartial when  rating a drama.

Running Man is my favourite variety show and I watch it every week. I really love Lee Kwang Soo !

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 Favourite Kdrama Characters (male):

I WANT A JUNG JOON HYEONG (weightlifting fairy kim bok joo) OR A MIN MIN (strong woman do bong soon) PLEASE ~~

But in all honesty i'd settle for a Ko Dong Man <3 (fight for my way)

Seok Dong Cheol from SAVE ME!

!! stuff it I'm weak for anything Woo Do Hwan does !!

 Favourite On Screen Couples:

 Choi Ae Ra x Ko Dong Man

        tumblr_os9rn7ZAgI1qi2eq9o4_400.gif      tumblr_os9rn7ZAgI1qi2eq9o1_400.gif

Kim Bok Joo x Jung Joon Hyeong          





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