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「taurus ✦ enfj ✦ drama lover  kpop addict」

Hello! Welcome to my profile!! I'm Sly Blue, though feel free to call me Sly if you want. I am a Korean-American that is currently a junior attending high school and I am a little new to drama. I've watched a few in the past, but never got into it until now. Rather than live action films, I preferred watching anime or reading manga. Now, I watch a mix of both drama and anime. I'm somewhat picky about the types of films I watch as I am someone that cares deeply about the plot of the story and the development of its character (aren't we all?). Though if I had to pick a few genres I like, then I'd probably have to say mystery, romance, psychological, crime, and comedy (if it's done right). 

If you couldn't tell from my mini bio above, I'm a kpop addict. While I'm only into a few bands, I love picking out my favorite songs from random groups that I find. The groups I mainly follow are BTS, GOT7, and Highlight. Aside from listening to kpop music, one of my other hobbies is watching anime. You can also find myanimelist account here if you're curious: It's somewhat up to date when it comes to the anime I've watched, but not the manga as I've been too lazy to add all of the ones I have read on there. Most of the stuff I watch are usually sports anime or something to do with BL/bromance as I am a hardcore fujoshi. 

Anyways, that's all I have to say for now. This profile is still a wip so sorry if my introduction is a bit short. I'm still new to this site and have yet to watch any more drama (as school as lowkey taking over my life rip) so I'll continue to add more to my list as I find some time to watch them all. I'm open to friend requests and I can't wait to meet you all. Thanks for taking your time to read this and have a wonderful day!! 


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