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Living happily in dramaland. Trying hard to go back to real world every single damn time but nah, reality is too cruel and no fun.

Been watching kdramas for years i think i've known all the scenes and story in kdramas but i still watch it anyway. Watching drama is a guilty pleasure for me, like 1% guilty and 99% pleasure. right? RIGHT?!

I mostly choose what drama i watch based on the cast. If my oppa is there, it's definitely a must-watch! But still there are some that i dropped even if my oppas are there, good face attracts but good story keeps me staying! lol.

i've never tasted anything japanese before, be it the drama or the movie. but hell yeah thanks to the lovely and unique Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu that had my back when i was in drama slump and A Girl and The Three Sweethearts that i dropped halfway, i was brought to j-world.


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