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If I'm not watching dramas I'm probably gaming 

JDrama > KDrama

Started late 2008, I blame Anime and the Death Note Movies for pulling me into the whole live action thing and starting the drama addiction. The first drama I remember watching was Zettai Kareshi, so it'll always be a fave. 

Jdrama bias because I love how short and to the point they are and I find them more touching and heartfelt. They cover a wider range of genres and topics that you don't see in kdramas. Leave a longer lasting impression. Have a higher re-watch value. Better acting imo, plus I like the randomness they have. 

Kdramas can be addictive and are easy on the eyes but for me most get boring and draggy once they get half way. Follow too many cliches/tropes (especially sick of the whole rich arrogant guy/poor useless woman theme). They're repetitive and similar in every drama. So those that I do love are somewhat refreshing. But when it comes to movies I love Korean movies, especially their action, crime thrillers, they're amazing. 

Major pet peeve when people just rate everything a 10. This is why I tend to look at reviews with lower ratings because at least they're a bit more honest. Though I guess it's all subjective and down to personal preferences. 

Genres I love; Action, Crime, Thriller, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Time Travel
Genres I dislike; 
Tragedy or anything depressing 
Genres I hate; Horror  


2019 Drama Challenge  |  52 Week Drama Challenge 2019 




1W (Rewatch)K1Infernal Affairs I (Rewatch)C


3My ID is Gangnam BeautyK

4The Beauty InsideK

5One More Happy EndingK

6Pretty ManC

7Touch Your HeartK

8Romance is a Bonus BookK


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