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I started with Japanese dramas, I was into manga and anime before so that was kind of close to it.

After pretty much watching most of the good jdramas I started to get interested in kdramas and fell in love with them too.

And then slowly but surely, I picked up a few taiwanese, chinese and even thai dramas and enjoyed them.

The genres I like the best are probably suspense and psychological stuff but I do love me a good rom-com from time to time and I love slapstick comedy dramas.

I'm always looking for recommendations and a unique plot with twists that I haven't seen 100 times before that, I like to be surprised and I love antiheroes male and female, I like when the main characters go beyond being just good mary sues because that's just boring and unrealistic, I like gray characters who might do things that aren't morally correct but it makes them human in my eyes, of course I love good villains too especially when they're handsome ;P


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