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Genres that I like
:   wacky comedy
                                 slice of life

I prefer films to dramas.
I'm an easy rater; it doesn't take much for me to rate something with 10.
Even then, my standards for dramas are pretty low compared to films.

Although I watched anime as a child (Dragon Ball ruled my life) I never made the transition to dramas through it.

Dramas:  Kdramas were first.
                After watching I'm a Cyborg but that's Ok in 2011, I wanted to see a bit more of Rain so I watched
                Fugitive Plan B and that's how it started. I quickly got sucked it, but it didn't last long. I noticed I
                had the tendency to lose interest and drop many dramas around ep 10-11.

                In the meantime, I watched Taiwanese dramas if they had Rainie Yang in them.

                I jumped ship to Jdramas after watching Buzzer Beat (and becoming a Keiko Kitagawa fangirl).
                I found they had more variety in the genres that I liked  and that they were around 10ep 45min.
                I also liked that many protagonists were rather ordinary working class people instead of being on
                the two extremes ends of the spectrum = dirt poor and dirty rich.


Films:      I much more prefer Kmovies over Kdramas.
                 The first time I watched one was when Kim Ki-duk's The Bow was airing on a local channel and it
                 left me deeply disturbed. I was probably too young to watch it.
                 While studying abroad in Canada, I became close friends with a film production major who was
                 inspired by East Asian cinema, specialy from Korea and Japan. He introduced me to more
                 Korean films.

                 I was more familiar with Japanese and PRC/HK cinema as those films were more common on
                 domestic TV, especially if they were directed by Kurosawa Akira, Ozu Yasujiro, Zhang Yimou
                 and Wong Kar-wai.

                 Some other directors that I like: Koreeda Hirokazu, Park Chan-wook, John Woo, Miike Takashi,
                 Sono Sion, Bong Joon-ho, Nakashima Tetsuya.


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