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by purplenette

Aug 1, 2013
20 of 20 episodes seen
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Overall 6.0
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 3.0
It is so sad to me that this was Kim Nam Gil's comeback drama. For a revenge story it is pretty typical, but not well executed. It has the childhood love, evil family, murder, attempted murder and revelations that come with a good revenge story, but the way they tell the story is just boring and somehow off. For one thing how many pictures, usbs, and assassins can there be in one drama? Ridiculous. Another thing is that all Kim Nam Gil's character did for half the drama is stare at something...the sky, the fish tank, into space. Ridiculous. Then there is the cinematography which is just dark. I get the drama is dark and I don't think it should have been in pastels, but I have seen dark dramas where they actually let the actors be dark in their characters rather than using the lighting to portray it. Somehow I don't think the director trusted the actors or maybe he didn't trust the story. Ridiculous. I also felt the ending was rushed...they could have made some of the revelations earlier in the story and given the ending more...who am I kidding...the whole drama had problems so I guess I shouldn't have expected more from the ending. Kim Nam Gil was as good as ever in his portrayal of Yi Soo, but they didn't give him much to work with. He portrayed his character's split personality due to his trauma very well. There are scenes where he gets to show case his acting ability, but they are few. Also he does well with his grown up romance with Hae Woo. Son Ye Jin was good playing the conflicted Hae Woo. Under different circumstances, I might have felt sorry for her character. I did feel sorry for Ha Suk Jin's character Joon Yung, who the writers didn't even give much resolution to at the end. Poor guy!!! Honestly, the only characters that I was fully invested in were the Detective, his wife and Yi Hyun. They were a breath of fresh air. Nam Bo Ra is really coming into her own as an actress and I see her gaining lead rolls in the future. The other actors were good as well including Lee Soo Hyuk. Although again the writers could have developed Soo Hyun a little more. Really it wasn't the acting that was bad, it is the writing. The music was ok...nothing stands out. I will NEVER rewatch this. If you like revenge dramas, then I can recommend several that are better than this. Just hit me up and I will let you know. :-)
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