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| I'm Yel | 97liner

* I love dramas with heart-wrenching story yet satisfying ending 

* I love dramas that makes me feel the nostalgia

* I am open to all genres of korean dramas

// Watching korean dramas since 2009

// Certified Chicago Typewriter sucker TT

// My profile is still under construction



My Most Favorite Korean Drama Of All Time


Rate: 10/10




Rate: 10/10



My Most Favorite Characters

Song Ji Won played by Park Eun Bin - Age of Youth 1 & 2Ddabong / Yoo Hyun Jae played by Yoon Si Yoon - The Best Hit / Hit the Top

Choi Taek played by Park Bogum - Reply 1988

Byun Hye Yeong played by Lee Yoo Ri - My Father is Strange

Ahn Joong Hee played by Lee Joon - My Father is Strange________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

My Favorite Couple/s (Those I shipped the most)

Im Sung Min & Song Ji Won (Age of Youth 1 & 2) -- TOP OF THE LIST





** NOTE: All the dramas watched years before 2017 were not monitored, hence no list available. 


My Favorite, Unforgettable & Heart-breaking Korean Drama Lines or Conversations


"The pen is stronger than the sword and the typewriter is stronger than the gun" -- Ryu Soo Hyun (Chicago Typewriter)


"Remember this. A fighter can't fall in love. As long as you have a gun in your hand, you can never be in a relationship. Why not? It has a direct connection with your life" -- Madam Sophia (Chicago Typewriter)


"Who are you? Why do you keep showing up before me? Why do you keep appearing in my dreams, in my head and in my novels? Why?" -- Han Se Ju to Jeon Seol (Chicago Typewriter)


Ryu Soo Hyun: It's okay. You don't need to avoid me anymore. I've settled my feelings now. If I were Mae hyang, the best gisaeng of Myeongwolgwan, I would have give it a shot. But I can't risk our country's independence. But in our next life, if we get to be born in Joseon again after it gets liberated, promise me that you'll think of me as a girl. Don't hesitate. Don't reject me completely. Don't lie. Don't endure pain all by yourself. I want you to be honest and tell me everything. Promise me you'll do everything you couldn't do in this life.

Seo Hwi Young: Why do you keep talking about the next life?

Ryu Soo Hyun: Hurry up and promise me.

Seo Hwi Young: Then I want you to promise me something. Make sure you come back alive. It's an order

(Chicago Typewriter)


"Let's go as far as my heart takes me. Let's not hold back and just go" -- Park Do Kyung (Another Oh Hae Young)

"Our time now may not seem like much. Everything we have may seem like it's nothing and trivial. However, like poet once said, the greatest poem has not been written yet, and the greatest song has not been sung yet. Our best days are the days we haven't lived yet. That's why the present and everything we do now are precious to us. We still have our best hit coming" -- Lee Ji Hoon (The Best Hit / Hit the Top)

"Fate doesn't come to you, at just any time. At the very least, if you want to use the term fate, it should just happen, often at the most dramatic moments brought by coincidence. That's what makes it fate. That is why another term for fate is timing. If I had not been caught at any of those damn traffic lights...If any of those red lights had helped me, even once... I could be the one standing in front of her, as if it was fate. My first love was always held back by that thing they call timing....

... But in the end, fate and timing do not just happen out of coincidence. They are products of earnest, simple choices that make up miraculous moments. Being resolute, making decisions without hesitation. That is what makes timing. He (Taek) wanted her more than I did. And I should have been more courageous. It was not the traffic light's fault. It was not timing. It was my many hesitations" 

-- Kim Jung Hwan (Reply 1988)

"Maybe it wasn't because our love was over. It was us who forgot to look deep into our hearts that tells the lies and truths apart"

-- Ma Jin Joo (Go Back Couple)

"Like that,the sound of her breath stopped. And my time stopped, too"

-- Choi Kang Chi (Gu Family Book)

"The difference between first and last love. The first love makes a person grow. And the last love completes a person" -- Park Chung Jo (Gu Family Book)


List of my favorite OSTs (click the title to listen)

>> Can't Go - Ben (Because This Is My First Life)

>> Blooming Memories - Baek Yerin (Chicago Typewriter) 

>> Satellite - SALTNPAPER (Chicago Typewriter)

>> Ambiguous - BTOB (Fight For My Way)

>> If Spring Comes (Drama version) - Ahn Ye Eun (Rebel:Thief Who Stole the People)

>>That's Love - Choi Yoon Ah (Rebel:Thief Who Stole the People)

>> Auditory Hallucination - Jane Jang ft. NaShow (Kill Me, Heal Me)

>> After a Long Time - Baek Ji Young (Rooftop Prince)

>> Back in Time - Lyn (The Moon that Embraces the Sun)

>> Written Our Stories - SG WANNABE (Chicago Typewriter)

>> Sometimes - Zia (She Was Pretty)

>> Say Yes - Punch, Loco (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)

>> I Love You - t Yoon Mirae (It's Okay, That's Love)

>> All For You - Seo In Guk and Jung Eunji (Reply 1997)

>> Because It's You - Davichi (Big)

>> One Person - Huh Gak (Big)

>> Be My Light - Kevin Oh (Chicago Typewriter)

>> Time Walk - Boni Pueri (Chicago Typewriter)

>> Come With Me - Boni Pueri (Chicago Typewriter)

>> Incurable Disease - Navi ft. Kebee of Eluphant (Secret)

>> Misty Road - Ben (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds)

>> My Love - Lee Hi (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)

>> Moonlight Drawn By Clouds - Gummy (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds)

>> For You - CBX-EXO (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)

>> For You - BTOB (Cinderella and Four Knights)

>> Just Like A Dream - Benn (Another Oh Hae Young)

>> Maybe I - Roy Kim (Another Oh Hae Young)

>> What's Love - Seo Hyun Jin & Yoo Seung Woo (Another Hae Young)

>> Scattered - Kim EZ (Another Oh Hae Young)

>> So It Was You - Kim Bo Kyung (Six Flying Dragons)

>> The Time is You - XIA (Six Flying Dragons)

>> Beautiful Beautiful - Punch & Glabingo (The Best Hit)

>> Light in the Sky - t Yoon Mirae (The Best Hit)

>> Tonight - BoA & Mad Clown (The Best Hit)

>> If You - Kyuhyun (The Best Hit)

>> Hyehwadong/Ssangmundong - Park Boram (Reply 1988)

>> A Little Girl - Oh Hyuk (Reply 1988)

>> It's You - Na Yoon Kwon & Da Eun (My Father is Strange)

>> My Heart - Kim Hyung Joong (My Father is Strange)

>> When Night Falls - Eddy Kim (While You Were Sleeping)

>> It's You - Henry (While You Were Sleeping)

>> Wind Song - Sohyang (Go Back Couple)

>> You and I - Lee Seok Hoon (Go Back Couple)

>> Introduction to Love - Baek Ah Yeon (When A Man Loves)

>> This Life - Moon Sung Nam (Because This Is My First Life)

>> Marriage - MoonMoon (Because This Is My First Life)

>> Goodbye  Day - ULALASESSION (Bridal Mask)

>>Judgement Day - Lee Jung Hyun & Joo Won (Bridal Mask)


My Korean Drama Major Recommendation

(no particular order)

Chicago Typewriter (obviously)
Go Back CoupleRomantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
38 Task ForceA Love So Beautiful (C-Drama)Rooftop Prince
The Moon that Embraces the SunBecause This Is My First LifeSignal
49 DaysBridal Mask Sensory Couple / The Girl Who Sees Scents
Angel EyesChief Kim The Master's Sun
Bad GuysMad Dog Tunnel
Kill Me Heal MeHwarangVoice
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo I Am Not A RobotDefendant 
Rebel: Thief Who Stole The PeopleJust Between LoversYou're All Surrounded
Another Oh Hae YoungAvengers Social ClubSix Flying Dragons 
Duel Age Of Youth (Season 1 & 2)Circle: Two Worlds Connected
The Best Hit / Hit the TopLaughter in WaikikiLookout / The Guardians
Splash Splash LOVEThe Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop
Reply 1997 / 1994 / 1988
My Father is StrangeGu Family Book
While You Were Sleeping
Mr. Sunshine
Somehow 18


I'd love to be friends with everyone who shares the same interests as mine. Feel free to approach and message me. Providing recommendations and accepting suggestions. 

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