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Somewhere Lost


Somewhere Lost

Hello, and welcome to my plain old boring life 

I don't have a very interesting life, there is not much I can share about myself, other than the fact that I been a fan of Kpop and also been watching dramas since 2011.

BIG BANG was the first boy group I listen to and 2EN1 was the first girl group, I am a big fan of them till this day!

The first song from BIG BANG was Tonight 

The first song from 2NE1 was Can't Nobody 

The first k-drama I watched was Mary Stayed out all Night (Marry Me, Mary)  and first k-movies was He was Cool.

My first Taiwanese drama was - It Started with a Kiss/They Kissed Again

My first Japanese drama was - Itazura na Kiss-Love in Tokyo 

My first Chinese drama was - Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower 


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