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somewhere in the neverland


somewhere in the neverland






My name is Ellen.♥

What's yours?

I blow my candles on June 29 

I am located somewhere in Philippines

I love having a good time.

I'm not perfect, and I don't tend to be.

 Im basically your average teenage gurl, BUTTT

with my own twistes added :]]]

I have my family and bestfriends that I can trust with life…

I play badminton .. Oh yeah! And thats all I can do! :PP

I make mistakes, just like everyone else.

I'm outgoing/shy/funny/weird/crazy etc.

I like watching Asian dramas&movies;, studying, going to mall or somewhere with my mom&dad;/brother/cousins/friends….

I dislike people who are so mean, back stabber….and etc..

 I dont care what people say cause they're never gonna stop

They're gonna think what they want to think;

They're gonna say what they want…

okay.. so..... I have  (facebook) .. I have also twitter or even instagram :D  (rialenleexx) … u can follow/add me if u want :)).. soo that’s all! :****


I'm always here if any of u need's a talk as long as I can relate then Don't be afraid to message me. I dont bite :D . 


     Soon to be a PHYSICAL THERAPIST 



When I spent hours of my life on a drama and then it has the suckiest ending... 



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