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     I'm addicted to Korean and Japanese Drama

I'm 21 years old i speak Arabic English and French currently i'm studying Japanese on my own and i'm planning to learn Korean ^w^ i'm also a  "Romance addict"

japanese drama:

my favorite japanese drama is One litre of tears this was my 1st japanese dramaand the drama that made me a j-drama addict

my favorite japanese movie is the liar and his lover i just can't get enough of this one i watched it hundreds of times everything about this movie is perfect

my favorite japanese actor: emmm well i have a long list lol but my fav is sato takeru

1-Satoh Takeu <3


-kento yamazaki,and Kiritani Mirei i ship them BTW


-sota fukushi ,Nakagawa Taishi <3


-kentaro Sakaguchi
-Miura Shohei and Nomura Shuhei
-Hirose Suzu,Gouriki Ayame andTaisuke Fujigaya... it's a long list i can't even remember the rest of them xD

korean drama


well i've been a fan of korean drama for about 8 years so i watched aloooootttt!!!! i can't remember 50 % of the dramas i watched :p

i have alots of favorite dramas and actors


I'm an ELF my ultimate bias is HEECHUL 


i'm an army ,VIP ,exol ,xingmi too

I love watching anime 

I read manga and novels


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