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Go Ho's Starry Night
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Oct 6, 2016
20 of 20 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
This is the first review I've ever written. I'm going to keep it short and simple. This was an amazingly cute and fresh short series that did not drag on at all and was binge-worthy. I really loved the acting, and thought that the main characters had great chemistry and the way their relationship developed seemed very realistic once everything was out in the open. I highly recommend watching this drama if you are wanting something light, fun and romantic that takes place in an office setting. It has a bit of a "She Was Pretty" vibe to it.
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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
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Mar 28, 2017
16 of 16 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 9.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
This is definitely a drama that quickly becomes binge-worthy. I finished it in 2 days because I could not get enough of the main couple, they are so cute! The story and characters are very easy to relate to because a lot of this drama is centered around experiencing love for the first time and how to go from friends to lovers.

I personally had seen Nam Joo Hyuk in Scarlet Heart and I didn't even realize he was the same actor until a few episodes in. He is absolutely phenonemal in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo for several reasons. He played Joon Hyung so well, and he became a very funny and lovable male lead that I could literally not take my eyes off of. His acting with the female lead was very natural and realistic and when he expressed any kind of emotion, he really put his all into it and he surprised me.

Lee Sung Kyung is one of those actresses that I had seen previously in another drama, but she was not a main character so I didn't pay much attention to her. In this however, she shines brilliantly as the main protagonist and was a joy to watch her character develop and grow during her college experience.

Overall, I would highly recommend this light and romantic drama because it's full of great music and comedy that I haven't seen in a while. It also does not drag at all, and it kept me interested from beginning to end.

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