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c h l o e


c h l o e




                      c h l o e   ;   xxi            

i spend most of my time sleeping and watching korean shows.                                                        — johnny, seonghwa                                                                          

                                                                 ig  —  castleoflions

  m e   — i live in australia. i listen to a LOT of kpop and i stan a lot of people. i love german shepherds. i collect kpop albums and photocards, plush toys, pop! vinyls and vans. the lion king is my favourite disney movie and haikyuu!! is my favourite anime. i love the colour orange.

  k p o p   — nct, ateez, ikon, seventeen, monsta x, exo, astro, knk.

b i a s e s  hanbin, mingyu, changkyun, wonho, chanyeol, sehun, moonbin, seoham and heejun.

                                                     f a v o u r i t e s —   

  k d r a m a s    what's wrong with secretary kim, hotel del luna, prison playbook,                                                                                                   avengers social club, terius behind me

  v a r i e t y   s h o w s     new journey to the west, the great escape, it's dangerous beyond the blankets

j d r a m a s   HiGH&LOW, MR. BRAIN, higanbana, bitter blood, library wars movie series

g e n r e s  crime, detective, action, mystery, comedy

 i usually rate shows high, as i only watch ones that i know i'll like


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