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Tension-less Supportive Lovers (they don't break up or mistrust each other)
4 0

Features couples who get together fairly early in the series, and stick to each other. No breaking up, no misunderstandings, mistrust, no 'staying-away-from-you-for-your-own-good'.…

Romancing the Boss (or Love in the Office)
41 0

Loves and lives between boss and employee or between colleagues.

CEO falls for ordinary girl
30 0

CEO / President / General Manager falls for a normal girl who may or may not work for his company. Over done troupe, but still highly popular.

Rich lifestyle
30 0

Features lives of rich people in dramaland. May be rich guy / poor girl, may not be.

Favorite Dramas
19 0

Best of the Best that I have watched.

Older Man / Younger Woman (Oppa / Ahjussi Romance)
17 0

Romance with age - gap. The Guy is older than the girl, the romance must be sweet (or bittersweet depending.) The story must be great.

High School Love
40 0

Romance dramas between high school students, set in High School. Japanese and Korean. No particular order.

Crime to watch
36 0

Crime/Investigation Romantic dramas to watch. (Thanks @ladymay)

Chinese Romance to watch
23 0

Chinese Drama I am interested in but have not had time to watch. Some of them are not subbed Subbed on Viki: Love is Back My Best Ex-Boyfriend…

Best Bromance
15 0

I like to see strong, solid friendship and loyalty between guys. I hate when they let girls come between them.

Spy dramas
11 0

spy dramas