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drama addict. 

Suffering from second lead syndrome.*
*) exceptions prove the rule: You're beautiful and it's alt. versions: Anyone but the 2nd male lead! Too cheesy even for me XD

My first drama? ... difficult. I think I started with movies, because they were aired on televison here. Might have been Hero, Initial D, Beauty and the beast, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. But that was way before I even started getting interested in the culture. I just liked the movies.

Later came Memoirs of a Geisha (which doesn't even count, since it wasn't an Asian production) I suppose. Well then there were my alltime favourutes: StudioGhibli productions. Fun fact: When Totoro is on my mum doesn't answer the phone, cause she doesn't want to be disturbed watching it... 


I fan-girl rarely, what with me being an adult... and all grown-up... ok that's a horrendous lie. My very first idol was Hyde. I went to one of his concerts in Osaka and it was the night of life. He'll forever make we drool swoon scream like a mad-girl happy. He's way out there with Gackt. I used to have my walls plastered pictures with his god-damn hot body. I had to take them down when I moved in with my partner... but I still keep the A0 sized calendar pictures... *coughcough* *////* I watched Moon Child like a gazillion times (mainly the first half).

Anyway.... going off on a tangent here. Where was I? oh yes dramas...

So while I was still off listening to Jrock and pop, along came the Hallyu Wave. And suddenly half the fandom migrated. Kpop fans were popping up like mayflowers and I was like: so what's this then?

First, I wasn't hooked at all. My friend showed me all the old SJ songs and I was like: meh. But the first song that really got to me, and that was good while later, (I remember as if it was yesterday) was POWER by B.A.P. That song gives me gossebumps. I love it.

And then she posted in fb that she was looking for a link to a Kdrama that was currently airing. So I just clicked and started to watch... I think it was To the beautiful you. In retrospect neither may favourite drama, nor particularly good. But it was colurful and cheesy. And I watched it with my friend, who thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, because it had Choi Min Ho in it >_>

So I went on to watch You're beautiful. And that one did the trick. I mean, what does one girl need except Lee Hong Ki and Jang Geun Suk? Well, to tell you the truth, because of those two dramas I still like gender-bender stories. And because of those dramas I am sufferning severly from second lead syndrome T_T

Favourite drama quotes:
 "Nice guys also get fed up!" - Devil beside you. Ep03

A word on my ratings:
I WILL deduct points if a romance drama does not have a suitably cheesy ending. Because that is just what I think the world should be like XD

I do not like:

  • too exaggerated scripts: Just you
  • Acting that can compete with poor Bella's one-face-fits-all expressions: Flower Boy Next Door
  • and I get really irritated by the Korean toilet fixation in dramas >_>

I really like: 

On that note:

One of these days, i WILL write my own (historical) romance, in which the girl WILL end up with second male lead! 
I've had my fill of scenes in which she gets the king and the second male lead watches them from afar! Such a tear jerker... T_T

I had my hopes up for  Empress Ki. But... SPOILER

Which leads me to my second addiction:
My not so secret passion is writing Fanfiction, check out my writing journal: @AsianFF or here: @livejournal

Tags: slash, smut, humor, jrock, kpop

And I write when the muse hits me over the haed with a frying pan. My muse? male eye-candy. Usually taken from my favourite bands.







this one goes without words.


They just crack me up


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