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One Smile is Very Alluring
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by Elizabeth

10 days ago
Overall 8.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 6.5
Rewatch Value 6.5
I struggled to watch the entire drama all the way through but this movie was a breeze to watch. People said it was too rushed but that’s because they tried to squeeze everything into 1 hr 35 mins. However, I think they did quite well. They did change the plot a lot but the main points and main lines were executed properly. Personally, I didn’t like Zheng Shuang’s portrayal of Bei Wei Wei. Yes, she’s pretty but there was no depiction of her intelligence or quick wittedness ANYWHERE in the drama. It really was superficial and focused on how pretty she is and how hot her figure is. She also didn’t show how their love even developed. It was like she just fell in love immediately because he’s Xiao Nai and the master/hottie declares them as an official relationship lol. She’s too submissive. Angelababy’s portrayal was a bit too extroverted as I think Bei Wei Wei should be a lot more shy and conservative BUT it’s MUCH better than Zheng Shuang’s because angela’s Version does show proof that she’s witty, smart, quick, pretty, and knows what she wants. Also we could clearly see why xiao nai likes her and how Angela started truly falling for him. I did enjoy Jing Boran’s portrayal of Xiao Nai since he smiled more and it gave off less of a robotic feel but Yang Yang suits the role better to me. Overall, I think this is definitely worth the shot and worth viewing. I didn’t recommend the drama (unless you want to see Yang Yang hehe) but I recommend this movie.
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