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Milan Italy


Milan Italy

Hi everyone, I am Italian and probably a little bit older than the average drama watcher as I am 54 years old. However, I discovered J-dramas by chance a few years ago thanks to my children who are J-fanatics and they insisted that I watch Long turned out to be love at first sight for me as since then I have become a drama addict!!

I am also a big fan of K-dramas (and K-actors!!) as I started out by watching only J-dramas because everything about Japan was fascinating for me and I found that their way of life was well represented in their dramas. Ever since I started watching Korean dramas I developed an interest for this nation too. 

As you can see from my long list I have watched 330 dramas so far and I have many more to go.  

My favourite actors are generally over 30 however recently I discovered also the new generation ones who are just as good. My list includes Takuya Kimura, Fujiki Naohito, Tamaki Hiroshi, Shota Matsuda, Nagase Tomoya and Yamapi. To these I must add Gong Yoo (now my number 1 favourite!), Hyun Bin,  Lee Min Ho, Joo Won, Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub, Jo In Sung and Song Seung Hun who are quickly catching up with the Japanese group. Here below I have posted some GIF's of a few of my favourite Korean actors.

I hope to meet lots of drama addicts like myself and exchange interesting views about J-dramas and K-dramas.


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