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Hello, my name is Kitthren, but you can call me Kitt. I'm relatively new to dramas and my first completion was Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I mainly watch K & J dramas/movies but sometimes Thai content makes an appearance (I love their movies!). I'm a huge fan of K-pop, anime and manga so it was about time I venture here next.  (´,,•ω•,,)♡

    Preferences ♡

I'm attracted to stuff with body swapping, contract relationships and foreign or engrish speaking scenes.

As for users, I like members here who have pretty profiles and/or are very honest. If I friend requested you, it’s probably because you fit one of those two.

When it comes to media, it's hard for me to have a balanced usage between different types. I have a full obsession phase that lasts for a few months and then I’m on to the next. So if I haven’t been active here in awhile it’s because I’m currently obsessed with another medium at the moment that I can’t use MDL for.


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