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Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon A Star

I'm Wish, a wanderlust around the world pre-covid and a wanderlust in dramaland in-covid. 

Pre-covid, with travels, I only watched shows screened on my national TV. With pandemic lockdowns and borders closed, I started watching shows on streaming sites in Sep 2020. So while I consider myself a newbie here, still chasing down the Top 10 Dramas in MDL and watching shows via recommendations, I do have quite a rigorous rating benchmark (ahem).

If you are adding me as friend, please do DM me on where you have come across me, so i know what connect(s) us :)

My rating benchmark

4: Good plot-script. It's an absolute failure if a show doesn't even have a good plot and script.

+1: Good to excellent casting-acting/hosting (0.5, 1.0). Casting and acting/hosting go hand-in-hand. Actor/Host who acted/hosted badly and not bringing to life the character is bad casting.

+1: Stunning costumes (0.5), visuals-cinematography (0.5).

+1: Mesmerising OSTs that remind me of the show (0.5) and scenes (1.0) in the show just listening to the OSTs.

+1: Touches my heart (0.5) immensely (1.0).

+1: Re-watchable/re-watched more than once (0, 1). A drama/film that I re-watched only once is not counted (0) as the re-watch is due to not understanding the drama/film in the first watch. It is a different story if re-watches continue after the first re-watch. For variety shows, one re-watch will qualify (1) as it means the show is entertaining for a re-watch.

+1: Surfing for analysis videos/articles related to the show, and noting down the quotable lines in the show (0, 1). This is the ultimate for me, and the show must be one that already scored full points for all of the above. And this last point won't apply for variety shows.

So my 10/10 drama/film is one that not only has good plot-script, excellent casting-acting, stunning costumes-visuals-cinematography, mesmerising OSTs that remind me of the scenes in the show just listening to the OSTs, but also one that touches my heart so immensely that i re-watch the show more than once, and even surf the net for analysis videos/articles related to the drama/film, and quoting the notable lines in the drama/film!

Using the same benchmark for variety shows, my highest possible rating for a variety show is 8/10.

Edit: Realised that most of the shows that i watched won't get the last 2.5 points in my rating benchmark: touches my heart immensely (+0.5), re-watchable (+1) and surfing for analysis videos/articles and noting down the quotable lines (+1). To align my rating benchmark with the more generous MDL rating, hereby introducing +1 bonus point for shows that i will recommend others to watch, and/or that holds special meaning and/or memories for me.

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My Top Rated Dramas / Shows with Reviews

The Untamed
An epic, over-hyped as bl and undermined as an idol drama

The Last Breakthrough
Be awfully touched and humbled by this timeless medical gem
Beach Boys
Grandmaster of bromance and beach/village healing dramas
Fun, hilarious and family friendly travel reality show directed by Running Man director

Other dramas I can never recommend enough

The Korean drama that ignited my interests in Korean dramas
A plane crash that turns out to be a conspiracy involving the Blue House; Hollywood stunts included
Designated Survivor: 60 Days
Korean remade of American series that many thought was better than the original

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