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Almost the same plot these two: multiples male leads falling in love, bla bla bla etc.
P.s.: Nakagawa Taishi act in both.
Recommended by whateverlili_ - Jan 4, 2019
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- First love theme
- FL can't keep calm in front of injustice
- ML that at the beginning won't care much for the others, but got caught wanting to
involve FL's issues
- ML start to change the way he face his family because of the FL
- ML treat problems more using logic than the FL
- The main couple trusts each other
- despite the protagonist have high grades he is not shown as perfect as the other idols dramas.

Recommended by whateverlili_ - Aug 19, 2018
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Synopsis remind me a lot one from another.

If you've like this one of these better check out the other ^^
Recommended by whateverlili_ - Jun 10, 2018