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New Zealand


New Zealand

Hello, I'm 은재. *profile picture isn't me

sorry for my link being xOppa... I know I'm cringing too

I'm a teenager who enjoys to watch asian dramas, tv shows and movies in my free time. I'm not always around to watch them. I was originally really big on anime, and am called Deylia on

Personally I like movies more than dramas because I find myself getting bored with how long dramas end up becoming (especially with how little time I have). 

I really enjoy action movies/dramas, though I strongly dislike dramas with love triangles or where the side-couple ends up taking all the screen time.

One of my hobbies is learning languages. I'm currently A2-B1 in Korean and Japanese. I want to learn Chinese, Swedish, French and Thai in the future. 

I also like to use dramas in a way to increase my vocabulary, but I also have a tumblr language and study blog, in which you can click here. 

 Feel free to talk to me or add me as a friend :)


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