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Kdrama lover ~ <3
I'm a 25 years old Swedish Kpop and Korean drama addict xP

Bling Bling Kim JongHyun <333333  R.I.P  12.18.2017 T_T You'll forever have a special place in my heart.  I pray that you are in a happier place now.Thank you for everything. I miss you so much. I love you and I'm sorry.

My first kdrama was Shut Up Flower Boy Band
This drama aired in early 2012, so as you can see I haven't been watchin Kdramas' for every long, and I decided to check out SUFBB thanks to my friend Elin who kept fangirling over it and who wouldn't give up on trying to convince me to watch it. I decided to check it out and after just 1 episode I was hooked! So thank you Elin, I'm really happy that convinced me to start watching asian dramas, because otherwise I wouldn't be having this amazing hobby that I have today :D


My favorite Korean Drama so far is: Time Between Dog and Wolf <3 (and Six Flying Dragons <3333)
This drama is like, take City Hunter, Iris and a epic romance story with a lot of plot twists and you'll get Time Between Dog and Wolf (ps: it came out in 2007, so it didn't copy Iris nor City Hunter xP, just so you know if you think it's a copy-cat). PS: Lee Jun Ki is so hot when he plays a bad boy <3333

Ultimate Kpop bias group is BIGBANG.

Second Ultimate Kpop group is NCT, where Renjun (my profile Picture) is tied with Yuta for ultimate bias.

But of course, I love a lot of other groups too xP.


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