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2024 Drama Rankings

2024 is off to a slow start. As a reminder, I rank c-dramas I watch by year of release.  This enables me to compare dramas that are released…

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The Hope List

This is a hope list of dramas in deep freeze for whatever reason that I have removed from my PTW list but still have a forlorn hope they may…

7 titles 5 loves
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2023 Drama Rankings

Chinese dramas started 2023 with a bang, taking storytelling, acting and production values up a noticeable notch with greater diversity in  genres…

39 titles 40 loves 2 comments
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Mini Drama Rankings (2022-2023)

I have started watching enough of these mini-dramas at this point that I am pulling them out of my full-length yearly drama ranking lists and…

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Drama Drought Survival List

This is a list of dramas that are not currently in vogue - they are often overlooked, underrated or older dramas that stand the test of time.…

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2022 Drama Rankings

2022 turned out to be a slow year for c-dramas, where a lot of content was delayed due to a weak Chinese economy and delays due to the pandemic…

25 titles 24 loves 2 comments
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2021 Drama Rankings

My personal drama rankings for 2021. 2021 starts and finishes strong with Word of Honor and Sword Snow Stride beginning and ending the year…

28 titles 22 loves
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2020 Drama Ranking

This is my personal ranking  in order of preference of all of the 2020 dramas I watched.  

34 titles 15 loves 5 comments
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2019 Drama Rankings

This is just my personal ranking of all the dramas released in 2019 that I watched.

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First Among Equals

My all time top dramas. I love them almost equally. This is a short list and will stay that way as it is strictly reserved for the best of the…

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