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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader chinese drama review
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader
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by SVITAMEN D-rama
Sep 8, 2022
28 of 28 episodes seen
Overall 7.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
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not the worst dr qin series but editor sleepy worst editing

i have watched dr qin 1, 2 3, silent evident, movie red wedding
overall, Dr. Qin is a character who has a past trauma ,, can from his girlfriend, mother or father,or etc

the investigation crime genre drama like this the most important thing is the theme of the case, and the method to solving te case perfectly, and I don't really like it if the investigatuon drama is censored, for this drama other than the corpse which is very pathetic they are not too censored, so I know what they show ,for case 1, very sad it's censored but from what they say I can google it(if you dare to look)

this drama is NOT the worst of the dr qin series, to be honest the themes of the cases they show are quite interesting and solving cases always have a plot twist, but for the main case it looks very stupid, from episode 9, I already realized who the culprit was, but they still postponed it, and continued change their statement, maybe the scriptwriter or director forgot alreadt made plot A But changed to plot B in later

I think, when editing this drama, the editors were very sleepy, there were so many loophole, they made the story can chain all clues, but many statements they didn't show and only mentioned it after and kept changing the statment (not include reconstruction, they have a lot of imagine reconstruction),most clearly happened in case 2 in episode 9,, it was clearly said before that the killer threw the delete button into the river,, but they changed the statement by saying the killer helped liubing from river to put the delete button in his hand (ep 9, 21:58) ,, but in ep 28 they change again the button was throw into the river

the cast acting not very bad, but they use stuntman the scene really obvious,, lintao, qinming,,

Qin Ming, l a person with cleanliness, maybe not the worst? he just like clean but not OCD, except the first 2-3 episodes there are no scenes that show he very like clean

An Ran, she is beauty in this drama,her acting not bad,,

case theme list:
1. case 1, giant corpse,, surogacy
2. case 2,, death live streaming
3. case 3 wax corpse
4. case 4, rape and murder
5. case 5 drown child
6. case 6 skeleton case
7. case 7 main case
the delete button appeared very suddenly, from ep 9, they already know that the deletebutton has some connection with "zhangyuxin" but they keep delaying, arguing that there is no solid evidence, dr qin is who linking liubing's death to zhangyuxin, but when ep 26, qinming said"i know her, she is one of my mother patient" from ep 9 HE ALREADY KNOW HER! why he said like he didnt know her before?
It's very stupid if they already know for who the murder happened for(because of ZYX), but they don't look for the killer from the people around them

""review per episode by me ""

#ep 1,, Are pickpockets stupid? already knows his friend has been arrested, instead of running away, he keeps stays until they realizes his whereabouts

#ep 2,, family member told to recognize the victim's body, the swollen corpse, the younger brother when he saw it immediately cried? seriously? How can the swollen corpse be recognized at a glance?

#ep 3,,, 8:10 ,, why i feel the conversation between lin and qin not connected? why connect with gen ? like two topic
18:38 , lintao looks very hard holding the pressure in his hands for CPR, so fake ,very obvious

LYS when he work overtime he takes zolpidem, its a meds for insomnia? by means helping people to sleep? , isn't it wrong? someone who works overtime takes helping sleeping meds? not the meds helping him stay wake

#ep 6,, 9:27 ,, an ran eat tobiko sushi, tobiko sushi use fish eggs right? but qinmin use his logic said its crab's egg

#ep 8, from when leiming become related to xujiang? hire murder?! ,, didn't xujiang say he just a debt collector?! why Leiming suddenly became a murder hirer, if he wanted to become a murder hirer why did he ride motorcycles following behind them?

Leiming and Liubing's fight video when band was taken from the top, who took it?

#ep 9, WHY THE DELETE BUTTON SUDDENLY APPEAR? from the start it was never discussed AT ALL!

and from when the delete button releted with qinming mom drowned? his uncle who has the case file doesn't understand when qinming given the delete button to him, his uncle ask for proofing the connection between the delete and qinming mom death

#ep 10, 8:05 , raining, use children umbrella ,narrow,,, did they forget to bring their brains? or the buildings at their right and left is a shadow? or their eyes left at home? they just walk on the building shop terrace so they don't get too exposed to the rain

30:16 ,zheng hao said, "are you not the waiter here?",, and she reply "i have learn violin for 4 year ",, does that answer make sense?

# ep13 ,25:10 ,, horse farm security said the CCTV recordings only keep recordings for 1 week but when asked about CCTV recordings on May 23, which is 2 months ago, the recordings are still stored, the statement is contradictory

#ep 14,, 15:27 ,, shen li said, he brought the corpse back her home, and use phone cable with zhenghao fingerprint to tie the victim,, how can he know that the cable have zhenghao fingerprint?

ep 18,, Masisi's mother want to divorce? does she think she's really cool? she just want to create a new masisi for her 2nd child

ep 21,, the murderer said want to make it look as if qing hua was killed by leilei's kidnapper,, by means of directly directing the police to rescue leilei first to catch qinghua's killer, catching himself? is he stupid? Moreover, the murder happened around the murderer, did he think the police were stupid? not make a sense

ep 25,, qin ming go to see an ran and anran
directly contacted captain li,, they shouldn't be that far from qin ming, but why did they go to an ran's room for so long? even they go there by running ?

30:18 ,,, when anran pushing lintao's wheelchair,,, the news reporting yunxiang couple got attack by someone,, but the news happen before the police know about linyun,, linyun report attacked in ep 26 24:37,, i think they got attack twice but they dont look like got attack twice

ep 26 ,, ep 9 qinming who told people to check about zhangyuxin (liubing case) but he was shocked when he found out that zhanghua had a relationship with zhangyuxin?


the question i want to ask:

1. ‎xiao ma jia is who? in case 2 they looking for him/her but not say who is he/she
2. where xuezi go when she missing? her employees said when she came back she was always happy? I thought this was part of the clue that should be investigated, but not
3. if main killer want revenge why not start long time ago?, but 10 years later? why did he say the time has not come yet, what is he waiting for?

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